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Why the SmartFlare is "Smart"

Feature No. 1

No Fuel Gas

Operates without the need for fuel gas.




Feature No. 2

UV Flame Detector

The Kimark UV Flame Detector senses flame presence and intensity.




Feature No. 3

Solar Powered

Solar powered, eliminating the need for purchase power.




Feature No. 4

Quiet Operation

The low profile of the enclosed flare and quiet running make it advantageous for use in both rural and populated areas.



Feature No. 5

No Vent Lines

Low power fast acting electric motor actuator. This allows for opening and closing without the use of venting solenoids.



Feature No. 6

Touch Screen Interface

The touch-screen interface is used to configure and monitor all Flare Functions.




Feature No. 7

Changable Stacks

This allows the user to maximize flow performance. Units are designed to change from six, eight, ten, and twelve inch stacks.



Feature No. 8


Built in Modbus communications for access through SCADA systems. The user can enter setup parameters from a simple, intuitive communication menu and be able to retrieve data within minutes.



Feature No. 9

Data Access

View the status of each SmartFlare in the network from a Smartphone or existing SCADA System.


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