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Kimark Systems’ years of experience in working with the Oil and Gas Industry has taught us the value of being able to provide solutions that make sense not only for our customers’ operations requirements, but also for their budgets.




Kimark’s Field Service Department can provide your company with complete calibration and analytical services. Our mobile gas chromatograph allows for gas sampling to be completed on site, eliminating the chance for mistakes in transporting samples. Using current software and reporting methods, Kimark’s Field Service Department can be key to keeping up with the latest State and Federal requirements.









Kimark Technicians are experienced in the installation and maintenance of control systems, radio networks, and measurement devices. Kimark can provide field support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.










Poor power quality can greatly affect equipment life and power cost. Kimark can analyze your power and provide a cost effective solution that will reduce harmonics in your system. Reducing harmonics will lower your power cost, extend equipment life, and eliminate penalties from power providers for excessive harmonic distortion.


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