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Kimark System’s years of experience in working with Municipalities has taught us the value of being able to price solutions that make sense not only for our customer’s operation requirements, but also for their budgets. We have a vast amount of experience in dealing with Lift Stations, Pump Stations/Storage, and Collection and Treatment Plants.


In addition to our high level of controls experience, Kimark Systems knows that “Information is Key.” Our engineering staff’s broad experience with leading operator interface software packages assures our customers of receiving an elegant and easy to use system, along with a wide variety of reports.


Communication Networks

Whether hard-wired, via radio telemetry, or cell modem communications, Kimark Systems’ years of experience working with industry standard communications networks ensures that a customer’s existing system can be expanded or blended into an effective communications network that will provide timely updating and reliable data.  Modbus, Ethernet, CAN, and Data Highway are some of the platforms that Kimark uses in an ongoing basis.



Anti-Intrusion devices can also be installed to help protect against, and warn of, tampering with hatches and doors.

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