Kimark Scada

Kimark Systems has experience in multiple methods of data collection and data distribution. Kimark is not tied to any one medium such as Freewave 900Mhz Radios. Most applications require a combination of technologies to work properly.

Kimark has installed telemetry systems for a wide range of industries. One of our largest systems has over 5000 radios. Our smallest, two radios for a chicken plant’s ice machine. We have radio’s systems that are working in metropolitan areas and radio’s that are working in remote mountainous areas. Anyone can do a prairie, and we have installations there, too.


For any system that is more complicated then a couple of radios, the type of radio used is dependent upon many factors.


1.How much data?
2.Distance and terrain
3.Multiple users?
4.Solar Power?


Kimark has found that even within the 900Mhz radio’s, different brands of radios have unique features that can make one better then the other depending on the application.


  • 900Mhz (Sinking and non-sinking)
  • Licensed Radio
  • Trunking Radio Networks
  • TCP/IP
  • Satellite
  • Internet
  • Cell


  • Site Surveys
  • Installation
  • Support/Service
  • System Architecture
  • Tower Installation
  • Radio Panels
    • KIM-X1
    • KIM-1010D
  • Equipment Sales
  • UPS Equipment
  • Solar Panels and Batteries


Our technicians can incorporate the latest technology and equipment to suit your needs. We are experienced and trained to service and install multiple brands of radios/modems as well as the devices the data is being pulled from.


Kimark offers a wide range of product to complete any SCADA installation – antennas covering different frequencies and sizes, polyphasers, coax of different size/length and the modems/radios as well.

The radio network is critical for getting the data, the SCADA software is critical for making sense of the data. The data needs to be presented in a clear and concise manner. If your SCADA software is not designed correctly, trying to find data when you have 2000 nodes could be daunting.


It takes hardware and software to make a SCADA system. Kimark can provide both. Selecting the right software for your SCADA application is as critical as selecting the right radio. Kimark has successfully used all the major packages and can aid you in selecting the software solution that meets your requirements now and for the future.


We can collect data from a wide assortment of equipment and with different protocols and create a single coherent database. If the equipment does not have a published protocol, we can quickly reverse engineer a driver for it.


The point of having a SCADA system is to collect Data. Kimark has the expertise to develop the data architecture that you need to work with your data. Data should not be stored in a proprietary format. The customer should have the data at their location not on some other company’s server.