By installing a low pressure sensor measured in ounces on the common manifold piping of the tank battery, the flare senses a rise in pressure and starts the burn sequence. With adjustable start and stop set points, the amount of PSI on the tanks and temperature of the burn can be controlled. An example would be: “ON” at six ounces and “OFF” at two ounces to keep the burn temperature at nominal.


The Kimark UV Flame Detector senses flame presence and intensity. Upon a failure to see flame, the flare controller goes through a user configurable sequence of timed retries. If for any reason power is disrupted to the flare unit and returns, a purge sequence will be implemented to prevent premature ignition of the flare.


The unit continually monitors temperature, pressure, and runtime. This is then logged to a two gigabyte memory chip which can be easily transferred to a computer and viewed as a standard .CSV file (Excel).