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Kimark Control Solutions

Kimark was acquired by OTA in 2015, adding high quality combustors and burner management systems to their list of products they offer, as well as a wide-range of oilfield, industrial, and municipal services. This acquisition of a well-known brand across the oil patch proved to be extremely successful, allowing OTA to offer more value to current customers and prospects. 

Our Products

Smart Flare (KSF)

With four sizes to choose from and the capability to increase the vent height, Kimark dual flares can meet company safety standards/requirements and regulatory compliance regulations.

Economy Combustor (KEVC)

Economy Combustor (KEVC) KEVC 19″, 38″, and 45.5″ are constructed of Stainless Steel with no Insulation. Because of this, the KEVC style unit is well suited for High H2S applications.

Dual Flare

Kimark’s dual flare is designed specifically for dual stream VOC control at a 98% DRE. The flare controls low pressure (i.e., storage vessel flash) and high pressure (e.g., wellhead, separator, etc.) vapor with one footprint.

Burner Management (BMS)

We offer multiple packages depending on customer needs and applications. We have options from an inexpensive way to safely light a pilot, monitor flame presence and acquire data to controlling temperature to a very specific temperature set point.

Industrial Panel Fabrication

Kimark is a UL508 panel shop. We design and build low and medium-voltage industrial control panels ranging in size from small motor starter panels to advanced motor control centers.

BMS, Smart Flare, and Combustor Startup Assistance

With the help of our parent company, OTA Environmental Solutions, OTA can provide technical startup assistance for burner management systems (BMS), smart flare and combustors.


Our parent company, OTA Environmental Solutions, offers services that cover fugitive emissions component surveying, repairing, and documenting. Our Leak Detection and Repair program will keep your facility in compliance with these new regulations. The OTA LDAR program stands out among others because it utilizes the only EPA certified optical gas imaging (OGI) camera. They survey your affected facility’s fugitive emissions components in order to visualize and pinpoint leaks without the need to shut down operations at the site.

Repairs, Diagnostics & Retrofits

OTA Environmental Solutions technicians can perform diagnosis and repairs on all Kimark equipment, as well as other combustors and burner management systems (BMS) owned by the customer. We can also retrofit units with updated controls. Learn more about our automation solutions here.


OTA Environmental Solutions and Kimark can provide training for Combustor, Burner Management Systems (BMS) and other electrical applications.

Water & Wastewater Services

Kimark System’s years of experience in working with Municipalities has taught us the value of being able to price solutions that make sense not only for our customer’s operation requirements, but also for their budgets. We have a vast amount of experience in dealing with Lift Stations, Pump Stations/Storage, and Collection and Treatment Plants.

SCADA Installation & Support

Kimark technicians are experienced in the installation and maintenance of control systems, radio networks, and measurement devices. Kimark can provide field support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Automation Solutions

Our assembled staff of experienced engineers, technicians and an UL508 & Class 1 Division 2 panel shop provide our customers with complete controls solutions. Kimark can create custom enclosures and program software from scratch to run your panels. Kimark Systems can modify, make additions to control panels, hardware, software, and HMI/Operator equipment to do any job.