Automation Solutions

Our assembled staff of experienced engineers, technicians and an UL508 & Class 1 Division 2 panel shop provide our customers with complete controls solutions. Kimark can create custom enclosures and program software from scratch to run your panels. Kimark Systems can modify, make additions to control panels, hardware, software, and HMI/Operator equipment to do any job.

Design & Program

Kimark can provide and submit full AutoCAD designs and electrical drawings. As a supplier of antennas, radios, PLCs, and Allen Bradley parts we have a wide variety of options to offer your project. Our technicians are experienced in dealing with Food Packing and other Assembly Plants. Kimark can install, troubleshoot, and program comprehensive operational systems for Photo Eyes, Barcode scanners, and drives for motors.

Data Collection

Hard wired communication networks occasionally do not make fiscal or logistical sense. In these situations, Kimark Systems has implemented and commissioned multiple radio telemetry communications systems utilizing licensed frequency or frequency-­hopping spread spectrum radios, or a combination of both.


Power quality can greatly affect equipment life and power cost. Kimark can analyze your power and provide a cost-effective solution that will reduce harmonics in your system.