Field Services

In conjunction with our parent company, OTA Environmental Solutions, we are able to provide mechanics to service the following geographic areas: West Texas, South Texas, new Mexico, and Oklahoma. OTA mechanics are cross trained on VRUs, Flares, Combustors, and Instrument Air – we can do all in ONE visit – saving you time and money.

BMS, Smart Flare, and Combustor Startup Assistance

With the help of our parent company, OTA Environmental Solutions, OTA can provide technical startup assistance for burner management systems (BMS), smart flare and combustors.


Our parent company, OTA Environmental Solutions, offers services that cover fugitive emissions component surveying, repairing, and documenting. Our Leak Detection and Repair program will keep your facility in compliance with these new regulations. The OTA LDAR program stands out among others because it utilizes the only EPA certified optical gas imaging (OGI) camera. They survey your affected facility’s fugitive emissions components in order to visualize and pinpoint leaks without the need to shut down operations at the site.

Repairs, Diagnostics & Retrofits

OTA Environmental Solutions technicians can perform diagnosis and repairs on all Kimark equipment, as well as other combustors and burner management systems (BMS) owned by the customer. We can also retrofit units with updated controls. Learn more about our automation solutions here.


OTA Environmental Solutions and Kimark can provide training for Combustor, Burner Management Systems (BMS) and other electrical applications.