By installing a low pressure sensor measured in ounces on the common manifold piping of the tank battery, the flare senses a rise in pressure and starts the burn sequence. With adjustable start and stop set points, the amount of PSI on the tanks and temperature of the burn can be controlled. An example would be: “ON” at six ounces and “OFF” at two ounces to keep the burn temperature at nominal.



  • The low profile of the enclosed flare and quiet running make it advantageous for use in both rural and populated areas.
  • The SmartFlare is designed to operate in multiple conditions. It can be a stand-alone controller for production vessels, responding to fluctuations of gas vapors. In addition, it is a relief system for tank batteries with vapor recovery units that may not be able to handle unusual surges of gas.
  • Solar powered, eliminating the need for purchase power.
  • Low power fast acting electric motor actuator. This allows for opening and closing without the use of venting solenoids.
  • Built in Modbus communications for access with SCADA systems. The user can enter setup parameters from a simple, intuitive communication menu and retrieve data within minutes.